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Q: What are the minimum guarantees?
A: Annual guarantees vary greatly - in determining minimum guarantees, CBSCP considers many factors including but not limited to: wholesale pricing, projected sales and distribution and financial soundness of the company. CBSCP may require all or part of the minimum guarantee to be paid up front.
Q: Are all guaranteed payments annualized?
A: Yes
Q: What percentage of the guarantee is required upfront for the advance?
A: There isn't a set advance percentage; it can be anywhere from 25%-100%. It depends on the category and deal.
Q: What is the standard royalty rate?
A: It varies, depending on the category.
Q: How long are licensing agreements?
A: The term of our licensing agreements usually depends on the category being licensed. The average term is 2-3 years.
Q: Can I use likeness of all actors in show/movie?
A: Each property has its own set of likeness criterion. We can provide the likeness availabilities on a case-by- case basis.
Q: When will assets be available to download?
A: As soon as the merchandising agreement is fully executed.
Q: Are rights exclusive?
A: No
Q: Can I add multiple properties in one agreement? And are minimum guarantees cross collateralized?
A: Depends on the deal.


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